3-Party PLatform

“What if all patients, clinicians, and researchers were able to work together?”


There are many stories in today’s media about the constant challenges and problems of the US Health System. The magic is understanding what the real need is. If you have a serious chronic condition, you really want to improve managing it.  

Hive Networks’ technology platform enables a unique approach to sustainably engage doctors, researchers, and patients & families in a 3-party network. The shared objective of the 3-party network is the successful management of chronic conditions and rare diseases. This model has a long history of success across multiple conditions unlike many healthcare technology start-ups that offer advanced technologies and analytics but don’t improve care. Hive Networks’ proven technology platform will enable Learning Health Networks to scale and spread in order to improve the lives of those living with many other conditions.

Behind the success of engaged communities is a strong “what’s in it for me” mentality for every stakeholder in the Hive world.


Patients & Families

Patients and their families become passionately engaged when they expand beyond “fundraising to support a cure” to also “becoming part of building the solution.”


Caretakers & Doctors

Care teams can see improved results and better patient compliance when they are plugged in to the latest research and their patients are engaged with reporting regular feedback.



Researchers gain better data, more real-world feedback, and satisfaction of quicker uptake on the adoption of research successes.