What’s in it for me?

A Clinician’s Perspective

The Myth Busted…

Clinicians NEED more data, better access, & greater collaboration.

Clinicians have long been early adopters of new technologies, whether in the form of smart phones or medical technology.  That said, patient adherence to entering data into EHRs has fallen behind not because of the technological abilities of clinicians, but because of the onerous process. Clinicians need more data, need easier access to the data, and need to be able to collaborate, compare, contrast and heuristically ask their communities for more “end to end” information.  A clinician’s wish list would include: enhanced “pre-visit planning”, “more input on the evolving Standard of Care in complex chronic conditions”, and even the peer-to-peer analysis of the outcomes in their practice compared to others in similar practices across the US.


Hive Networks’ legacy technology platform, developed by Cincinnati Children’s, has achieved breakthrough results with actively-used, focused solutions for 12 learning networks.


12 Years & 110 Care Sites

Over the past 12 years, Cincinnati Children’s has pioneered the Learning Health Network model in 11 networks. One of the networks has active members from 110 clinical care sites and over 950 clinicians participating. Concepts around co-production have been present for decades within the medical community. At the same time, the data has not been available nor has the internet infrastructure been fast enough for true spontaneous collaboration. The final missing piece was the documented methodology taken from the Deming approach to quality improvement applied to health care through thoughts leaders such as Tom Nolan and Lloyd Provost.


A Platform for Institutions

Learning Health Networks are now sponsored and owned by pediatric academic research institutions, disease foundations, sponsored and funded by state Medicaid organizations, and are also run by independent non-profits. Regardless of ownership or leadership, the Learning Network model is the common thread using the Actor-Oriented Peer-to-Peer approach similar to AirBnB, Wikipedia, and TripAdvisor ®.