COmmunity Data

“What if I could share my ideas with everyone else with my condition?”

The backbone of Hive Networks’ software technology is a Social Community Innovation Platform. Innovation by all parties and, by design, “end-to-end” of how the patient lives, works, and plays as they manage their condition, situation or disease. Through this, there is a focus on the overall continuous improvement of the quality of life as a patient’s condition is managed through a “by invitation only” network of their families, clinicians and other caregivers, and researchers and their teams.  



It serves to spotlight superior outcomes to drive improvements by care teams, patients and families.

Hive Networks supports researchers who advance those standards while they help payers reward clinicians and health systems for achieving those standards.

If Electronic Health Record solutions (EHRs) are ‘patient centric’ then Hive Networks is ‘condition-focused.’ If EHRs document care and outcomes, Hive Networks develops and promulgates continuous care improvements and can help support an emerging set the standard of outcomes.