What’s In It for Me?

A Community’s Perspective.


Patients' data and how to unleash the power of the network.



Engagement = Learning → Improvement

Too many “improvement solutions” have delivered results too slowly, underperformed, or outright failed because of the time, cost, risk or failure of adoption. Hive Networks provides a new technology software platform to support Cincinnati Children’s breakthrough results in Learning Health Networks. From accelerating proven improvements to widespread adoption, Learning Networks can now take advantage of a proven methodology using a secure cloud-based platform. Studies show that it often takes 10 – 15 years to drive improvement approaches from "proven” to "mass adoption.” The secret to the Learning Networks’ accelerated success comes from its unique foundation where engagement produces learning which leads to improvement. Engagement = Learning → Improvement

Hive Networks facilitates “engaged communities” – engaging researchers, frontline care teams, patients/families and payers. Through these communities, Hive Networks helps drive improvements in research, care, and patient adherence/satisfaction and thereby better outcomes.


Behind the success of engaged communities is a strong “what’s in it for me” for every stakeholder in the Hive Network enabled world. Patients and their families become passionately engaged when they expand beyond “fundraising to support a cure” to become part of the solution.

Higher Engagement

Improved Results

In addition to the direct patient benefits, care teams can see improved results and better patient adherence when they are plugged in to the latest research and their patients are engaged with reporting regular feedback.   

Through Natural Engagement™, patients are participating in the management of their conditions and feel part of the learning network community which also invites their families, their extended families, and other community members such as teachers, counselors, friends, and others that are part of the patient’s life.  

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