Our Team

It takes a lot of bees working together to make honey.


John Bostick | CEO

John Bostick is the founding CEO of Hive Networks. John is a life-long technologist with deep experience building software systems for the betterment of society. John has numerous awards and recognition in the business and IT communities including the EY Entrepreneur of the Year winner in 2000. John has also taught publicly the culinary arts with an emphasis on nutrition for 25 years with over 5,000 students and has authored over 500 recipes.   


Emma Bourgraf | Networks Services Manager

Emma Bourgraf is early in her professional career and is a protege of John Bostick, our founding CEO. She embraces life, physical fitness training, and the pursuit of helping people with their conditions and enhancing their quality of life.    


Bentley Davis | Senior Organizational Advisor

Bentley Davis has over 20 years experience leading people, community, and movements in her consummate passion for standing up for what she believes in. The saying: "Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much" (Helen Keller) epitomizes her actions and vision for Hive Networks.


Andrew Marshak | Product Management Director

Andrew Marshak, Director of Product Management, leads Hive Network’s product strategy.  Andrew brings a deep understanding of payers, clinicians, and patients, and uses this knowledge to leverage their motivators and unmet needs for the collective good.  Most recently, Andrew led product management and new product development for the Neuroscience portfolio of Myriad Genetics where he helped bring a novel molecular diagnostic, GeneSight, from commercial launch to serving more than one million patients. When he’s not white-boarding new solutions with the Hive team, Andrew spends as much time as he can outdoors despite a couple frightening polar bear encounters while paddling in Canada. 


Scott Roth | CTO

Scott Roth is the CTO for Hive Networks. From his Atari and Commodore Amiga days in his youth, Scott has always been a problem solver looking to provide technology solutions particularly with a mission to improve people's lives. More recently, Scott was the software technology leader for Assurex Health, another project that came out of Cincinnati Children’s. From zero activity over 10 years ago to Assurex processing over a million tests that helped doctors prescribe a genetically optimal medication for patients on behavioral health medications to avoid side effects and improve the patient's outcome.  Most recently, Scott was Vice President of Product Development for Myriad Genetics, the company that acquired Assurex in 2016, before he took the plunge back into the start-up world with Hive Networks.


Chris Sauer | Systems Architecture Director

Chris Sauer sees the world differently. As a Solutions Architect in the software development world, Chris has to constantly stay in three modes: past, present, and future. Chris has to anticipate the personal, professional, and community needs of Learning Networks always trying to anticipate how to create the “Sum of the Parts” and make them larger than the “whole.” Most recently, Chris was the architect for a large portion of the technology software platform for Assurex working with Scott Roth. You can find Chris outside of work anticipating what a raw beef brisket is going to look like after it’s been in his smoker for several hours and more importantly how it is going to taste!  


Matt Torborg | CFO

Matt Torborg is Hive Networks’ CFO. Matt is a life-long accountant finishing in the audit practice with Arthur Andersen. He’s an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America, a CFO previously with 2 of Bostick’s technology companies, and operates one of the largest used vinyl record stores on the internet in the world. If you want Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, or Led Zep II, see Matt.


Ted Wimmel | Client Services Director

Ted has over 25 years of technology experience with roles in Management, Architecture, and Process Improvement. He has developed multiple analytics systems from the ground up, often introducing modern capabilities into organizations for the first time. His technical expertise is in the areas of database design, data movement and transformation, and analytics front-end development. On the weekends you can find Ted spending time with his family on the Westside of town.


Carolyn Wong Simpkins | Senior Advisor, Clinical Strategy

Carolyn Simpkins’ unique background blends three roles together: clinician, researcher, and quality improvement expert with successful roles including Physician, Medical Informaticist, and Health Systems Expert over her career. For Hive Networks, Carolyn provides the unique insight of all roles as applied to Hive Networks’ technology software platforms.